Do I need a sponsor to join?

No, sponsors are not required to join. The Vice President of Membership Recruitment helps prospective members get acquainted with who we are and what we do.

What if I don’t know anyone in the club?

HJWC is a get-to-know-you crowd! Many of our members did not know any clubwomen when they joined, so you will not be the only one. Getting involved by attending general meetings, social events, fundraisers and service activities is the best way to get to know other clubwomen.

How much are membership dues?

Membership dues are currently $75 per year and due at the time of joining and then will be collected for the following year each October.

Do I have to live in Hickory to join?

The majority of our members live in Hickory, but we have several clubwomen who live in the surrounding area, including (but not limited to) Catawba, Lenoir, and Morganton. 

What does the club do during the summertime?

Although we do not have regular meetings and activities, the summer is often the time when the club leaders plan for the upcoming year. We also typically hold social events so that members can stay in touch. It is still a great time to contact us if you are interested in joining!

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